Curby MiniPack™ 12"x300' White Honeycomb Kraft Paper Expander Dispenser Box

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Product Overview

Curby innovative paper base sustainable packaging material made from PEFC certified paper. The cushioning protection provided is equivalent to that of foam and plastic bubble packaging, without the negative impact those materials have on the environment. Since this is a paper based material, it is 100% curbside recyclable AND biodegradable.

The Curby MiniPack™ contains Honeycomb Kraft Paper in a convenient, and easy to use dispensing box that can be recycled when empty. This unit is the perfect fit for smaller packaging or fulfillment areas and is light enough to be moved around. The Curby MiniPack™ is designed with a Velcro tensioner that can be easily adjusted. The tension allows for the Honeycomb Kraft Paper to expand with minimal effort, as it is being pulled out of the dispenser. No need for scissors, the Kraft paper can be easily torn. No need for tape, layers of the Honeycomb Kraft Paper naturally interlock due to the hexagon design, providing a secure protective closure.

* Curby MiniPack™ - 12" x 300' (Expanded)
* 4 lbs.
* Box Size 18.25" x 6" x 6"

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review