Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

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Sustainable Packaging keeps tons of plastics out of landfills each year. Sustainable Packaging can be Recycled, Reused and often times is bio-degradable. Eco-conscious customers prefer companies that use Sustainable Packaging over Plastic and other non Eco-Friendly Packaging products and are even willing to pay extra for Earth-Friendly Packaging.

Sustainable Packaging often requires less storage space. For example Plastic Bubble Rolls, are full of air, and take up large amounts of storage and work station space. While a Paper based alternative is not only Sustainable and Earth-Friendly, but takes up less space. It also is usually cheaper for us to ship to you, as the smaller footprint and not having to pay to ship air.

E-commerce consumers and retailers have become more aware of the effect that plastic and non recyclable packaging materials are having on the earth. With small changes such as choosing sustainable packaging, recycling materials, and not over packaging, we can make a positive difference.

Don't forget about our other Earth Friendly Shipping Supplies! :
Corrugated Cartons / Shipping Boxes / Corrugated Mailers are Reuseable and Recyclable
Chipboard Cartons, Chipboard Mailers, Chipboard Gift Boxes & Chipboard Layering Pads are Recycleable and made from 100% Recycled Material
Padded Mailers protects contents with Fiber padding instead of plastic bubble.
Flat Mailers Are made from 100% Recycled paperboard and are 100% recyclable
Cardboard Mailing Tubes are Reusable and Recyclable
Paper Bags Are Reusable and Recyclable
Tissue Paper is Reusable and Recyclable
Newsprint is made from 100% Recycled Paper
Kraft Paper is made from 100% Recycled material and is naturally Recyclable
Edge Protectors are Reusable and Recyclable. Made from recycled fiberboard
Singleface Cardboard Rolls Can be Recycled for an eco-friendly packaging alternative to plastic bubble or polystyrene loose fill.
Corrugated Sheets & Pads are Reusable and Recyclable

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