Deluxe Orbital Ring Wrapper Automated Stretch Wrap Bundling Machine Adjustable Speed - (13"X13" Ring Wrapper)

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Product Overview

The Deluxe Orbital Ring Wrapper Automated Stretch Wrap Bundling Machine uses 3”- 5” stretch wrap film to quickly and efficiently bundle items. This unique film bundling mechanism encircles standard size boxes, as well as aluminum or wood extensions, door frames, piping, logs, and lumber. Simply place your items onto the rollers in the Ring Wrapper Machine. Top rollers allow more control of the item being fed through the machine. The top rollers are adjustable, allowing for better control as you wrap.
The deluxe unit includes an adjustable dial on the motor, allowing you to customize the speed at which the ring wrapper runs. When items are in position and speed is set on the motor, engage bundling by pressing on the floor peddle. The rollers will feed the items through the Ring Wrapper. When items are bundled cut film with the YEP-220 Hook Knife and slide product out of the machine.

Adjustable Support Table for the (Ring Wrapper - SKU#YEP-6700-25-ST) SOLD SEPARATELY.

* Efficient and Easy Multi-Layer Package Protection
* 3" to 5" Bundling Stretch Wrap Film with (3" Cores only)
* Foot pedal and button operated
* Flat Rollers are Standard - V Rollers Available (Select from Roller Option Drop Down)
* Max Item Size - 13" (Height) X 13" (Width) (Length is not effected by machine.)
* Quick load and unload feature
* Power supply: 110v/60hz (standard wall outlet)
* Adjustable tension
* Made in the U.S.A.

Length: 43” / 1 m (w/ handles)
Width: 26” / 660 mm (w/ motor)
 351/2” / 902 mm (w/rollers)

341/4” / 870 mm

*Height w/ Stand:
741/4” / 1.8 m max
633/4” / 1.6 m min


(No reviews yet) Write a Review