Roper Device Stretch Pallet Wrap Hand Held Dispenser W/T-Handle

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Stabilizing and securing pallet loads for transit is very important. Securing loads with Stretch Wrap keeps the items from shifting and becoming damaged. The Roper Device is a wonderful dispenser for use in immobilizing your product on a pallet.  This Dispenser offers the best of both worlds, it can be used as a regular Plastic Wrap applicator and as a Plastic Wrap Roper. The Roper Dispenser makes a concentrated rope for additional strength and support around your load.  The Roper Device can be engaged by moving the armature back and forth. The Stretch Film is put through the Roper Device to create a thick rope of Stretch Wrap. As you pull the Hand Held Dispenser, a thick rope of Stretch Wrap is formed making for a stable Palletized Load. The Roper Stretch Wrap Dispenser works on pre-stretch and regular Stretch Wrap Film.

Pallet Clips - YPC-120

* Roll Width 12"-20"
* Made in the U.S.A.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review